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Volunteering at the institute covers a variety of tasks including writing a policy paper, assistance in public relation, special events and programs, …


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Arabic Script

The Arabic script is the writing system used for writing Arabic and several other languages of Asia and Africa, such as Persian, Urdu, Azerbaijani, Pashto, Central Kurdish, Luri, dialects of Mandinka, and others.

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The Arab World Online 2017: Digital Transformations and Societal Trends in the Age of the 4th Industrial Revolution

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Middle East and Adjoining Countries School on Internet Governance Turns Five

The fifth Middle East and Adjoining Countries School on Internet Governance (MEAC-SIG) took place from 5-9 August, with 31 attendees from governments, the private sector, civil society, academia, and technical communities of 14 countries. This year’s MEAC-SIG was held in Cairo, Egypt, and hosted by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA). The previous editions were…

AWII joined the IGF Supporting Association

The Arab World Internet Institute ( AWII ) joined the Internet Governance Forum Supporting Association ( IGFSA ) in the objective of helping strengthen the IGF as a unique platform to exchange perspectives and concerns on key issues that may affect the future of the Internet. The institute joined other organizations and corporations such as ICANN, Internet Society,…

AWII joined the Network of Centers (NoC)

The Arab World Internet Institute is glad to become part of the Global Network of Internet and Society Research Centers (NoC). The NoC was launched by a group of academic centers in 2012 in recognition of the lack of internationally coordinated research and engagement activities in issues concerning the Internet and related technologies. The NoC…