Official name : Syrian Arab Republic

Capital : Damascus

Official languages : Arabic

Area : 185,180 km2 (71,500 sq mi)

Population : 17,070,135 ( 2019 )

Calling code : +963

ISO 3166 code : SY

Internet TLD سوريا.

Institutions :

  • Ministry of Communications and Technology,
  • Syrian Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Authority
  • Syrian Telecom (ST)
  • Syriatel Mobile Telecom SA

Regional Internet Registry: RIPE NCC

ASN Name Num IPs
AS29256 Syrian Telecom 1,171,712
AS24814 Syrian Computer Society, scs 0
AS201550 Syrian Telecom 0
AS39154 Ministry of Higher Education 0
AS48065 Syriatel Mobile Telecom 0
AS52209 MTN Syria 0
AS29386 Syrian Telecom 0


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