Our Fellows are leaders and researchers from the region, involved in a variety of 
activities, which are all related to the institute’s mission. Their work is paving new pathways to achieve open and valuable Internet for all Arabs.

Emir Sfaxi

Consultant - Fulbright ScholarEmir has 5 years of experience in management mostly in consulting firms, USAID implementers and government agencies. He is trilingual with a multidisciplinary background of information communication technologies, international development, data analysis and, governance and policy. He has a proven experience in project design monitoring and evaluation, high presentation skills, ease to communicate with executives and officials, and cooperation with multilateral and multicultural teams and stakeholders.

Hanna Kreitem

PhD Researcher, Northumbria UniversityHanna is a PhD researcher in Digital Sociology and Communication with interest in the effects of Internet and technology on societies including digital inequalities and tangible outcomes of us. His research now looks at Internet artificial limitations and their relation to tangible outcomes of Internet use. With a background in Computer Science and Business Administration, he possesses a good understanding of how technology and the Internet industry.