Our mission

The Internet with its uniqueness inspires everything we do at The Arab World Internet Institute.
We aim to be a regional Internet policy centre of excellence, promoting understanding of challenges and opportunities for action in the Internet industry.
We focus on internet related topics and its evolution and use in the Arab region, and this includes areas such as Internet access, access to information, intellectual property, privacy, cyber security and Internet governance.
We work to achieve this mission by involving community members, users groups, public agencies, business leaders, and educational institutions.


Performing research that create information and insights about the full range of economic, social and policy issues affecting and affected by the global development and use of the Internet in the Arab World.


Effecting action by communicating the results of analyses and studies to public sector decision makers, organisations, companies, and individuals in the Arab region.


Educating the regional community leadership on the Internet policy, particularly the implications for business, society and the future of the Internet.



Contributing to the education on Internet policy, economy, science.